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About Buzz360

Buzz360™ is a highly customizable marketing automation platform for your media organization, franchise, manufacturing or distribution company, or your agency.  With Buzz360™, you help your small business partners sell more and you both become more profitable.

Buzz360™ goes beyond email marketing or online directory.  It’s a white label platform that helps your small business partners attract new customers, automate social marketing, and effortlessly get repeat business.

It offers your small business partners or customers a comprehensive online community.  It lets them automatically send stay-in-touch emails to facilitate repeat business, automatically post to Facebook, automatically generate social referral and feedback from existing customers, and create and automatically update a mobile sales tool and websites your customers can specify.

Addressing a Big Market Need

Small businesses are the engine of our economy. Yet, a great many of these small businesses are overwhelmed by time and money constraints. Alongside them, their traditional partners — media and marketing companies, franchisors, associations, and others — are under pressure to maintain or replace revenue streams and better serve their small-business customers.

The small business owner knows their most profitable business comes from existing customers, their friends, and people like them. Buzz360™ automates and strengthen that referral and word-of-mouth process.


Buzz360 gives small businesses an array of automated tools to market their services and increase referrals using the power of social media, and to get promoted through the strength of their current relationships — their franchisors, associations, and others including advertising companies.

The Buzz360 founding team learned that what these larger organizations needed to better serve small businesses was a white-label online community platform. So, they set out to develop just that based on considerable market feedback — and Buzz360 is now a reality!

What we do?

We help your small business partners succeed

Automated email nurturing, online community, mobile sales tools, and social media marketing now can work together seamlessly providing a simple but powerful, white label-ready marketing platform to support small business partner marketing.

Buzz360™ provides a community for prospects to learn more about small business service providers, get inspired, learn helpful information and find deals offered by these businesses.  All within your brand.

Let’s face it, mobile devices have drastically shifted the online landscape.  Buzz360™ has incorporated a mobile strategy that automatically allows your small business partners to be mobile where appropriate.

Because it’s a white-label solution (sometimes called “private label”), Buzz360™ lets you style it with your own company’s unique branding to offer services to partners – without having to invest in the creation of the technology.


White Label Partnership – Loyal business partners increase revenue
and create customer loyalty.

The Buzz360™ community is a white-label, highly customizable platform for many types of organizations:

  • Media companies can increase the revenue stream from their existing small-business customer base.
  • Franchisors or manufacturers can help their small business franchisees/resellers sell more and become more profitable
  • Associations and similar organizations can help promote their members
  • Buzz360™ lets you be the value-add partner that makes the marketing process much more manageable for your small business customers.
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We are BUZZ360

This is our dedicated team who work day-in and day-out together to bring our clients
the most amazing tools for a digitally connected world.

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Lisa Schneegans

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Klaus Schneegans

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Matt Reinan

Co-Founder/Operations Manager
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Ruth Tambornino

Director Sales Enablement
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Gary Schwartzkopf

Executive Director Sales
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Shawn Lee

Application Architect and Web Developer
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Ben Rahn

Web Developer

Now you can help your small business partners do the things they need to succeed.


Enabling small businesses to act big

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