Why should you use Twitter for your business

Nov 18, 2015

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Social media has in general become regarded as an incredibly effective way to promote your business. While there are numerous reasons for this, the two major ways that social media can help with your marketing strategy is by increasing awareness of your brand and allowing you to engage directly with your target audience. However, when it comes to choosing a social channel to use, you may be overwhelmed by the many options. While the decision you make should have a lot to do with your brand and audience, there are a few social media platforms that you should use no matter what – one of which is Twitter. The following are nine reasons why you should be using Twitter for your business:

  1. Twitter has a huge audience – As of 2015, Twitter boasts more than 316 million active users and over a billion total accounts. It’s estimated that roughly 20 percent of all Americans have a Twitter account and that this number will rise to 24.2 percent by 2018. If these numbers weren’t enough to convince you of the potential exposure that your brand can have on Twitter, consider this – the average user on Twitter follows at least five businesses. This makes Twitter a prime platform for marketers.
  2. Twitter is easy to use – Twitter is based purely on communication and engagement. Unlike other social networks, Twitter isn’t overloaded with all kinds of bells and whistles to distract users. Although there are plenty of features that you can use, it all comes down to the communication between followers. And with only 140 characters to work with for each message, communication tends to be quick and succinct.
  3. Twitter helps increase brand awareness – There are tons of ways that you can increase the awareness of your brand on Twitter. You can join Twitter groups and post valuable comments relevanthashtag to the conversation in order to build your reputation. You can follow the influencers within your industry and retweet their posts to catch their attention, which can result in them following you and retweeting your posts. You can post links to your blog content to help drive more traffic to your website. You can even look at other businesses within your industry and follow them as well as follow their followers. Not to mention that the use of hashtags can make it easier for users to find your Tweets, even if they are unaware of your brand.
  4. Twitter makes it easy to keep consumers up-to-date – Around 100 million users log in to Twitter every day. Because Twitter is based on such a simple concept – 140 character messages – a huge amount of Twitter users are mobile users. This is incredibly useful for businesses, since it makes it easier for them to reach their followers on Twitter. You can keep followers up-to-date with new blog posts, new product releases and new promotions, and you’ll be able to do so more effectively through Twitter than any other platform.
  5. Twitter allows you to keep track of your reputation – You can search for your brand name on Twitter to see how many users are talking about your brand and what it is they are saying. This allows you to find opportunities to engage with users as well as do quality control – listening to what people are saying about you is a good way to judge what your reputation is and to adjust your Twitter strategy accordingly.
  6. Twitter is an excellent customer service tool – It’s easy for customers and consumers in general to comment on your products, services or brand via Twitter. You can use the platform as a customer service tool by thanking users that recommend or praise your products or service as well as trying to help those that have posted negative comments. Providing this kind of customer service via Twitter is a sure way to boost the reputation of your company since this kind of engagement is public.
  7. Twitter allows you to keep an eye on the competition – Like they always say, you should keep your friend close, but your enemies closer. Twitter lets you track the performance of your enemies, which can inform you about trending topics as well as help you avoid any Twitter strategies that may have failed for your competitors.
  8. Twitter can help improve your sales- It would make sense that the more exposure your brand achieves on Twitter and the more followers you obtain, the more your sales would improve. But the numbers prove this – roughly 37 percent of all Twitter users will purchase a product or service from one of the brands that they are following.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using Twitter as a social marketing tool for your business, not to mention that these are all incredibly cost-effective strategies to boot.