Buzz360 White Label Partner Programs

Small businesses look to you for marketing support and services. Buzz360™ makes it easy for you to be a great value-add partner for your small business customers. Together we make the marketing process for your partners manageable.

You are the bullhorn of the small business into the community! They look to you to help them spread their message through advertisement and marketing services. Buzz360 offers a white label marketing solution that makes it easy to fill that roll. It is centered around the small businesses promotion and the interaction with their customers.


We offer several programs for you:


  • You Sell It You create an additional ongoing revenue channel. Leverage your existing customer base by offering online marketing to them. We provide extensive training on the product and how to sell it. You receive ongoing margin for the duration of the subscription plus you earn volume discounts as you grow your customer base.
  • Buzz360 Sells It With You Your sales people evaluate the customers need for marketing services and recommend Buzz360 to the customer when it is a good fit. We support you with strategic training, training of your salespeople as to how to identify a good fit and collateral for your market place. Once the recommendation has been made, one of our specialists closes the deals. You receive revenue every time a customer closes!
  • Buzz360 Sells It For You You promote Buzz360 by placing an ad in a prominent place on your website and through email marketing to your existing customer base. We make the calls and make the sales. You receive a check when the deal is done.

As a franchisor you work hard to provide national marketing to your brand. Buzz360 gives you a set of tools that makes it easy for your local franchisees to act locally within the parameters you set. Buzz360 provides a complete web site for you or just a portion that can be integrated into a site you already have. The feedback capability for the local franchisee gives you the ability to get a sense of how they are doing in the eye of their customers. Automated localized emails to stay in touch with customers as well as social media postings, SEO and SEM and more, puts your franchisees ahead of the competition.

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As an association executive you are always looking for non-membership fee revenue, ways to increase member value and member retention. The Buzz360 white label marketing platform and website lets you become a value add partner to your members and turns your association’s website from a cost center to a revenue generator.
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