What’s the Big Deal About Content Marketing?

May 26, 2016


Times have changed. There is no doubt about that. One way it’s changed immensely is how customers are gathering information before they move forward with a purchase. They’re a lot savvier on the internet and can seek out the information needed to make an informed decision before handing over their hard-earned cash.

What that means for marketers is that you need to get consumers that information in way of content! Drumroll please…Content Marketing is a big deal and everyone is doing it. There is more content on the web than there is people on the earth and it keeps growing and growing every second.

I don’t mean to overwhelm you, but with all this in mind, you can create content that hits the mark of your target audience while optimizing it for the search engines so that consumers can find YOU.

It’s important to think big picture before creating your marketing content. Make sure you know where you’re going to post it, what keywords or keyword phrases you will focus on, and finally what plan of action will you take to get that content out? Here, let us help:

  • Message: Targeted, relevant, engaging, and focused content is where it’s at these days. Attention spans are low. Amount of content to shuffle through is high. Get to the point and provide value. These are tried and true ways to get people’s attention and gain their trust and/or customer loyalty.
  • Where to post: With LinkedIn’s new update that allows users to post blogs and extremely easy to use tools like Buzz360, where to post is getting more and more complex. I would recommend focusing on one to two spots. You may have a place to post on your website and want to do other types of content on your LinkedIn profile, but one thing is for sure, do not duplicate exact content. Search engines will ignore it and it could harm your optimization.
  • Keyword Optimization: Speaking of, keyword optimization is of prime importance, but you really don’t want to be writing for the search engines. Google and Bing have become so advanced that they can see right through keyword and link stuffing, but you still have to make it clear to them what your topic is. Keep it in mind while you write, and you’re on the right track.
  • Plan of Action: Post it and forget it are the worst things you can do in terms of content marketing. First of all, you spent time (or rather, wasted time) on creating a message that little to no one will ever get to see. You need to proactively share your post on social media, email it to your contacts, and sometimes even provide an offer so your audience will be enticed to act. As mentioned before, there is competition, loads of it. How will you stand out?

Just like the amount of content on the internet, there’s just too much to cover in terms of content marketing in one blog post. Check back soon for more detail around creating content marketing that works for you.