Want Referrals? Use Nurturing Emails

Jan 30, 2014

Email nurturing is a method of marketing which cause customers to follow through with an action, such as clicking through to the website. It can be considered as a subtle push by a marketer to get the customer to complete a call to action. There are different types of emails which nurture customers; choose one or use a combination to help increase your click-through rate.

1. Education

Educating customers should be the most important aspect of an email. Customers are very intelligent and can get information from a number of different sources. When you make your emails a source of information, customers will look forward to receiving emails from you and are more likely to follow through to your website.

2. Offers

Create offers that push offers. For example, find out where the customer is in the buying cycle – first time buyer, repeat buyer or in need of additional products. Offer a product, coupon or sample that will have your customers refusing to say no.

3. Re-engage

Discover the customers who have pulled away from your brand and pull them back to your webpage. Ask for feedback on your products to put the customer in the driver’s seat. Directly ask customers if there is something you can do for them to bring them back to your product. The worst case scenario to this type of email is that the customer weeds himself out of your lead pool by not answering or opting out of your mailing list.

4. Personal

Nurturing emails by design should be personal. Consider asking others on your team to reach out other than the marketing team. For example, have you received feedback that a customer could use engineering services? Ask an engineer to send an email to that customer. If the customer is intimidated by the billing cycle, ask an accountant to contact the customer and offer assistance. Every one of your team members needs to be customer service oriented to help maintain the relationship.

5. Improvement

Customers are always looking for ways to improve themselves. How does your product help improve their lives? Address their personal improvement goals in the email and talk about how your brand will help with personal improvement. You’ll build trust in the relationship because you are aligning yourself as their ally in self improvement.

If you have any other questions regarding writing and sending nurturing emails, contact us today.