Understanding Small Business Marketing Automation and How it Simplifies Business Processes

Jan 04, 2017

Small business marketing automation is a process that helps to automate, streamline and measure workflow and tasks. Basically, it takes the effort in marketing and makes it simpler while helping you to grow your revenue.

What Marketing Automation Can Do for You

Marketing automation helps you use your time more productively by automating the day to day processes and enables you to focus on generating more content and workflow that nurtures your targeted audience. Think about this, how many companies are looking at your website presently? Do you have the ability to automate your marketing so it reaches a diverse audience based on how they behave on your website? Is lead scoring a part of your tasks and can your sales team effectively determine who should be placed on top of the calling list? These are things that small business marketing automation can help with.

It is said that during a buyer’s journey, 80% of it happens prior to them even contacting the company. If this is true, we as marketers should be providing information that will help our audience along on their journey. By really comprehending this journey, having real data that supports it and tweaking your marketing strategy based off this data, you will see the most value and benefit from marketing automation.

What Marketing Automation Cannot Do for You

In some cases, business owners mistakenly think that marketing automation is a quick fix and will provide them with a marketing strategy. Although it can do many different things, it cannot create your company strategy for you. In order for you to get real value from this technology, you have to already have a strategy in place. Marketing automation is designed to complement an existing strategy, not define it.

Marketing Automation Features & Benefits

This type of automation is used in various marketing tasks like segmentation, lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, cross-selling and up-selling, relationship marketing, marketing ROI measurement and customer retention. There are 3 main benefits using marketing automation which include more productive Sales reps, more pipeline, and more revenue. In fact, according to the Nuclear Research citing done from Marketo’s Jon Miller, 95% of businesses that incorporated marketing automation into their daily processes reported benefits. Statistics showed that there was a 1.5% and 6.9% increase in marketing productivity, which resulted in sales productivity to rise around 4%, on average.

Although this type of automation can differ in price and functionality, the company, content and strategy used will determine the ROI gained. For more information on small business marketing automation, please contact us.