Top Three Reasons a Small Business Should Automate Marketing

Aug 18, 2016

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Sometimes marketing automation gets mistaken for a need that’s only applicable to enterprise companies with thousands of employees. Automating processes, especially marketing, is no doubt beneficial for those businesses. But it’s also extremely beneficial for small businesses with just one or two employees.

Here are three reasons why automating marketing is of prime importance.

5446_10153408697258865_7718337696380220627_n1.Time: The major difference between a small business with a few resources and a large enterprise with thousands of employees? Time! A small business has much less time on their hands to compete with the big wigs, but marketing automation can help close that gap. Instead of emailing prospects and/or clients one by one, implement automation tools and resources to facilitate follow up email communications.

Contact management is another major time-intensive process that’s critical to your business. If you can’t easily contact the people interested in your products or services, then marketing falls flat before you even hit send. Keeping track of communications and all-up contact information in one automated marketing tool reduces the time of manually updating and keeping tabs on prospects and customers all on your own.

2. Competition: Not only are you competing with the big companies with any and every resource at hand, small businesses have been on the rise for the past few years making all-around competition at an all-time high.Competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it makes us better and luckily, technology can make you better too.One place you can’t look like a small player in your market is online. You need a mobile responsive website that drives traffic and engages prospects and customers to interact with what you’re selling.

3. Art: The best thing about small businesses is the passion behind the work. More and more people are realizing and appreciating this fact, seeking out small businesses versus relying on the major players- especially in retail.

Marketing automation makes it possible to stay focused on the art behind your business and keep the passion alive. Instead of hounding down prospects or manually posting on social media to keep prospects interested, you can sit back and think big picture, taking your small business to new heights.

Just a little marketing automation goes a long way and puts time back into your busy multi-tasking way of life! So from now on, don’t think marketing automation is only for the big companies. Small companies have a chance to benefit with more time, competitive advantages, and a passionate business model.

Contact Buzz360 to get starting with a little marketing automation today or sign up for a free demo to see first-hand what it can do for your business.


By Bethany Foyt