Three Keys to Defining a Local Franchise Marketing Plan

Jul 22, 2016

From the Eye of the Franchisee…

You’ve decided on a franchise that aligns with your passions and goals. Now what? Since the franchisor is focusing on promoting the company on a national level, a local marketing plan isn’t always readily available. If that’s the case for you, there’s something you can do…three things in fact!


  1. Local online marketing: Making sure online marketing is localized is no easy feat. It requires some level of search engine expertise and connecting with other organizations in your community.  While your franchise may already manage the franchise’s national website, you can have a local presence by setting up a local Facebook page or Twitter account to incorporate regional hashtags or mention local businesses.
  2. Local events: National promotions and offers are great opportunities for franchises to take it up a notch. Hold a special event around an offer or better yet, get the community involved by partnering up with a not-for-profit organization. Good press will result and you’ll ultimately get more customers in the door.
  3. Gather reviews and referrals: Your happy customers are your greatest marketing resource. Tap into that resource by asking for business reviews and social referrals. By keeping your local customers at the heart of what you do, you will be a great success in your community.

With any of these ideas, make sure they first align with the goals of your franchisor. They may even be so impressed with your skills; they’ll push out a local strategy to all of their franchises!

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By Bethany Foyt