Three Keys to Defining a Franchise Marketing Plan

Aug 02, 2016

From the eyes of the franchisor…


Franchise marketing is different than any other business marketing plan, because the goals are different. You need to ensure a good foundation is in place so that each of your franchise locations can excel in their marketing efforts. You also have to think about providing the right marketing tools, enabling franchises to take their businesses to the next level.

Here are three keys to defining a franchise marketing plan that will set any franchise up for success:

1. Budget planning: Planning out your budget is a constant balance between goals and available resources, but if you can set a long-term goal and time frame, then work backward to achieve it, you will be better prepared to manage marketing along the way while offering up effective tools for your franchisees. If budget is on track, you can do more to support your locations.

2.  Local focus: Even though you may have a national presence, holding promotions that each of your franchisees can leverage, will help them get the locals more engaged. National promotions and offers are great opportunities for franchises to take it up a notch and become well-known in their communities.

Also, providing a local marketing platform in your franchisee offering gives the franchisees a huge marketing and sales advantage in their local market.

3. Online presence: By now, you understand most research is done online and that definitely goes for prospective customers of your franchises. An attractive and mobile-friendly website will help set you up as a franchisor/franchisee to do business with and be indexed by search engines. One of the latest algorithm’s set by Google was meant to increase the number of mobile-responsive sites and if your website doesn’t meet that crucial requirement, down you go in the ranking…and fast!
Online communities that span social media and other industry-specific sites can improve your reach and ensure that more consumers know about your franchise. Don’t just stop at setting up Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles. Go the extra mile depending on your business. Maybe Instagram can showcase what you have to offer or online magazines can get you in front of your target audience. Everything you can do online will trickle down as benefits for each of your franchise locations.

Whatever your franchise goals are, keep these three keys in mind when defining your marketing plan. If you or your franchises need assistance with automating certain parts of your marketing, make sure to check us out at

By Bethany Foyt