About Buzz360

The driving force behind the company is passion. Passion to provide products and services that help small business realize their dreams and for their business to thrive.

Our passion over the years has been to build software that is easy to use and make our customers business more profitable, to grow and to make their lives easier. This passion is found in every aspect of our product and in the way businesses can expect us to deal with them – easy. We always ask, how useful is this to your success? Is this information just “good to know” or is it actionable? Will this result in useful action? And will you have the time to use it?

We developed easy to use, powerful tools for small, growing business to help them reach their dreams.

The founders of Buzz360 have been talking with small business owners about their companies, their dreams and goals for years. First in their previous software company which was sold in 2007, and now at Buzz360. Over and over again, business owners say they lack easy to use tools to stay in touch with their customers and to market to prospects, that social media is too time consuming and they want leads. That is why Buzz360 was founded.

Minneapolis, MN is the company’s home and it was founded by software veterans in 2013, Lisa Rasmussen Schneegans and Klaus Schneegans and their partner, Matt Reinan.

The Buzz360 Leadership Team

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Lisa Schneegans

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Klaus Schneegans

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Matt Reinan

Co-Founder/Operations Manager
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Graeme Thickins

Marketing Advisor
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Shawn Lee

Application Architect and Web Developer
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Ben Rahn

Web Developer