Buzz360 Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

The subscription is charged to the subscriber in advance of the service.

This agreement is a license agreement. It authorizes the user to enjoy the benefits of the Buzz360 software products as described for the duration of the subscription and does in no way constitute an agreement to sell or transfer ownership to any or any part of the Buzz360 software product to the subscriber.

The charge may be to the subscriber directly or through an agent Buzz360 has authorized to use, market or sell subscriptions.

Buzz360, LLC reserves the right to terminate any subscription for any or without any reason.

When the subscriber ends their subscription timely, no further charges will be made to their credit card for future subscription.

There is a one year minimum subscription period for the websites, reviews, emails, and other products.

Upon any termination of a subscription, any “Profile” and/or website of the subscriber will become invisible to the public and the system will become inaccessible to the subscriber. If a subscriber becomes delinquent with any payment Buzz360 may make their website and “Profile” invisible to the public and terminate their access to the system without further notice.

To assure uninterrupted operation, the website is hosted by one of the largest, most reliable and most recognized hosting providers in the world. However, Buzz360 cannot make any uptime guarantees.

Buzz360 relies on the subscribers to be truthful with the information they post in their profile and to have the proper copyrights to the material. We do not assume any liability for the accuracy of the information.

The nature of the Buzz360 system requires it to publish data received from subscribers and to use and share this data with others. The subscriber authorizes Buzz360 to use the data as Buzz360 sees fit. Buzz360 cannot and will not be held liable for any use, abuse, misuse or violations of privacy or copyrights of any data entered into the system; we also will not guarantee that data will not be used in a way the subscriber may object to.

Regardless of the usage or any other agreement, Buzz360 retains the copyright and all intellectual property rights to the software.

Individuals who share their email and or other personal information agree to receiving email messages from the Buzz360 subscriber. Buzz360 has no control over the usage of the data by their Subscribers and can not be held responsible for any use, misuse and abuse.

Any message mailed from the Buzz360 system contains an “unsubscribe” function that will be enforced by the Buzz360 system.

These Buzz360 Terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.