Tax Season Is Over, So It Is Safe To Talk About Audits.

Jun 25, 2015

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If there is any area of SEO that gets overlooked or completely ignored, it is the technical aspects of good SEO. This is where an SEO website audit comes in.

People will ask us what the most important part of SEO is, and to answer that we would say that there is not part of SEO that is more important than the other. Keyword research, good content, page structure, proper tags, layout, onsite linking, offsite linking and technical issues all need to be addressed and properly set up. Leave one out and you will not get the results you are seeking or may not get results at all.

A SEO audit of your website will look at all the onsite, structural and technical aspects of your website. This is done by using software that will crawl every nook and cranny of your website and look for issues that would be considered a problem for the search engines and user experience. Your site may look just fine, but remember the search engines see things that we as users do not. The algorithms that these search engines use, are programmed to red flag certain issues on websites. If the search engines find any, they will take them into consideration when deciding where to rank your website as people do relevant searches that pertain to your business.

The best way to think of an SEO audit is to look at it like when contractors build a home. If they do not create a solid foundation to build on, it will compromise the whole structure and it will not be able to support all the other aspects of the home, no matter how good it is.

Build a solid foundation with an SEO audit, then you can be assured that everything else you do for SEO will have the maximum impact and bring your website the most traffic.

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