Effortless email marketing helps you stay-in-touch and turns a great customer into a repeat and referral customer. Buzz360™ automatically emails your customers throughout the year.

As a small business, you never have enough hours in the day. You are always placing priorities on what gets done and what does not. One process you will always want to keep high on your list is staying-in-touch and nurturing your customers.  Buzz360™ does the work for you.

Email content created for you

Select from the bank of personalized, industry specific or generic, useful emails you would like to send to customers throughout the years.  If you love to write, you can write your own.

If you have different types of customers, like plumbing customers and heating customers, we can set up different groups of customers to receive your nurturing emails.

Delivered for you, automatically!

You can focus on running your business while Buzz360™ sends your stay-in-touch emails automatically throughout the year!

Stay in touch email marketing

  • 68% of consumers will not do business with a company again if they feel ignored. Stay-in-touch emails make them feel recognized and remembered.
  • Winning new customers cost a business 5x to 8x more than retaining current customers.
  • 82% of consumers open emails from companies they know.

People do business with people they trust, Buzz360 helps you be trusted, automatically!

Buzz360™ is a small business automated marketing platform that enables you to sell more and become more profitable. It enables a website and profile to attract new customers, automates email marketing to get repeat business, automatically posts to Facebook, generates social referral and reviews from existing customers. It creates and automatically updates a mobile sales tool. See how Buzz360 helped Ryan’s business.

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