Use social media marketing to turn your customers into your company’s ambassadors by asking satisfied customers to share their great experience to their Facebook friends.

Encourage your customers to share your good work and your brand with one click. People take a much closer look at products and services recommended by friends.

Once you complete a job and click the “project completed” button in your Buzz360 app on your phone, Buzz360 goes to work!  Your customers are asked to recommend you to their friends on Facebook.

When your customer posts on their Facebook page what a great job you did for them, your referral is seen by their friends.

Not only does this give you a much higher reach, it also has much more credibility with these potential customers. Let’s do the math, your customer has on average 338 Facebook friends, 1/2 (169) of them see the post and ¼ of them (42) share the post with their 338 friends of which ½ (169) see it. Ok, so now 338×1/2×1/4x338x1/2 = 7,140 people see the job you performed for one of their friends! And you can do the same thing for the next job you finish and so forth.

Your reach soon exceeds any ad in any local paper!!

Social Referral Marketing

Buzz360™ is a small business automated marketing platform enables you to sell more and become more profitable. It enables a website and profile to attract new customers, automates email marketing to get repeat business, automatically posts to Facebook, generates social referral and reviews from existing customers. It creates and automatically updates a mobile sales tool.

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