Social Media – The Backyard BBQ For Word of Mouth Marketing

Jul 10, 2015

Multi Generation Family Enjoying Meal In Garden Together

Referral marketing, often-called word of mouth marketing, is one of the oldest and most effective forms of marketing. Referral marketing is powerful because people trust the opinions of other people they know, such as relatives and friends, and others they respect. But referral marketing has changed dramatically in recent years with the everyday use of (and to many the preferred method of communication) social media.

megaphoneSocial media has become today’s backyard BBQ where people share their experiences, their stories, where they like to shop, which businesses treat them well and so forth. Social media is the megaphone for the conversations at the BBQ.

Why is this so powerful?


Trust is a critical factor in any purchase decision. If we don’t trust someone, we aren’t going to buy from him or her. Referral marketing’s effectiveness is based on the trust between the customer and their friends. 84% of people trust their friends recommendations! People also trust the opinions of friends of friends more than the carefully crafted message you – the vendor – create.


In the pre-social media days a person could talk to people face to face or over the phone; that limited the number of people she could reach and spread any sort of message to. Today, with a simple tweet, a Facebook post or an Instagram selfie the average consumer can reach hundreds of friends and can leave a lasting impression! When your customer says they like your work on Facebook, they are telling 300 people that know them and trust them. This dramatically expanded social reach makes systematic social referral marketing more important than it ever was in the past.


Effective word of mouth marketing campaigns typically have a great message that is targeted at a specific audience.  With social media the old saying “birds of a feather flock together” is still very true and your customers tend to be friends with people who are like them. So, it stands to reason that their friends will respond positively to messages that were effective with your customers. Through the magic of social media we are able to deliver that message to the right audience – likely buyers – much more efficiently than every before!


Social Media has made referral marketing dramatically more effective and important. More than ever before, Small Business has to adopt a systematic approach to referral/word of mouth marketing and generate social referrals through their customers.

To be successful at this, they need to provide

  • a share worthy Buying and Customer Service experience
  • ask customers for the referral
  • Make it easy to refer them

Buzz360 automates the asking for referrals and makes it easy for customers to refer. Click here to see the video for details on how Buzz360 generate referrals for small Business.

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