So You Got a New Client? That’s Great!

Aug 18, 2015

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Here’s How to Turn It Into Five, Ten and Twenty More. 

From painters to web designers, caterers and electricians, everyone wants a job on Monday. Whether it’s a one-and-done appointment or a long term contract, securing a gig is a big deal. It’s a chance to showcase your work, put some money in your pocket, and perhaps, snag a repeat performance.

This line of thinking may lead you to consider putting down roots with a pay-per-lead service. As marketing site Blue Corona explains it, these sites basically let you “rent” access to their audience. In some cases, however, you’re competing with faulty or exaggerated reviews, or at the very least, prominently displayed advertisers who’ve paid big bucks to appear on these “directories.” Additionally, sometimes you’re being charged per lead you’ve received – EVEN IF YOU DIDN’T GET THE JOB.

Now, we’re not saying there is something wrong with these pay-per-lead or subscription sites. They obviously work well for millions of contractors and consumers, otherwise there wouldn’t be such an influx of them on the marketplace.

But the bigger problem with renting from these pay-per-lead sites is that you’re letting your equity slip through your fingers. With every job you do well, you build equity. If, at some point, you leave that pay-per-lead site, you leave behind that equity.

Those 5-star ratings? Gone.

Those well-written reviews? Adios.

The built-in referral audience? See ya.

Why not build your own?

Here us out.

Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing

These sites do a good job of getting you that Monday morning gig, but they won’t automatically help you turn that job into the next one, or even the one after that. That’s where referral marketing comes in, and it will completely revolutionize your long-term prospects so you can grow your business faster and cheaper.

The two most relevant marketing strategies today are Inbound and Outbound.

  • Outbound marketing uses traditional methods like cold-calls, radio and television advertisements, direct mail, and sales flyers/brochures to attract customers.
  • Inbound marketing uses content like blogs, emails, white papers, e-newsletters, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and podcasts, to draw customers in.

Most marketing experts agree that the internet and the massive social media network that comes with it has rendered outbound marketing to a very small share of our population. Here’s two reasons why:

  1. We are getting smarter and more creative in blocking out the more than 2000 outbound marketing interruptions we’re faced with everyday.
  2. The ability to learn something new or buy something new is now at our fingertips, instead of having to attend conferences or seminars in far-flung destinations (it’s also much cheaper!).

Lead Generation and Demand Generation

Why is all of this important know? Because which marketing method you use to secure your next job will directly impact your ability to pull in your next customer.

If you use Outbound marketing, you’re basically looking for Lead Generation which is used to “collect specific information about potential clients, turning them into sales leads.”

If you use Inbound marketing, you’re using Demand Generation which “serves to build a demand for or an interest in your product or services.”

So, in terms of getting your more gigs and growing your referral network, think of it this way:

Outbound marketing is to lead generation, what Inbound marketing is to demand generation.

How’s that for an old school SAT analogy?

Which Inbound Method is Best?

Aside from social media (which we hope you’re already using… If not, call us straightaway!), email marketing is the best Inbound and Demand strategy you can employ. delivered 7 reasons why email marketing rules in this awesome post. Here’s the rough cut, click here to read the whole thing.

  1. Affordable
  2. Easy
  3. Short turnaround time
  4. High customer retention rate
  5. Customers like it
  6. Synergy with other marketing tools
  7. High Return On Investment (ROI) *The Direct Marketing Association reports email marketing carries an ROI of around 4,300%!!!!

Stay In Touch With Buzz360

We understand that adjusting your marketing methodology may seem intimidating. You may be questioning the amount of time, energy and money you may need to invest to cultivate a new approach and begin communicating with new and existing customers. That’s the struggle with anyone remodeling their home (ie. steering away from the “renting” strategy of the pay-per-lead sites) – the results may take awhile before the big reveal.

Anyone willing to take the leap from a pay-per-lead/Outbound marketing approach to an Inbound strategy should not expect an equal 1-to-1 switch with immediate payoffs. Instead, think of it as a gradual remodel to the home you’ve built. It will take time to build, but once you own it and it grows, the growth is all yours.

So, the good news is that with a newly remodeled home that incorporates a solid Inbound/Demand Generation strategy, you can turn any one-off job into a source of referrals and be more profitable from those jobs in the future. With Buzz360 you can also turn all your past customers into sources of referrals so it may not be as long to move out of that rental and enjoy the equity you build.

When you combine your efforts with a completely automated email service, you have the ability to expand your reach at the click of a button with a massive return on investment. Our effortless, stay-in-touch emails are the perfect way to follow-up with your clients and remind them to spread the good word about you!

Ready to learn more? Give our Buzz360 team a ring.