Small Business Marketing Automation Through Social Media for Increase in Business

Dec 30, 2013

Living in a perfect world, small businesses would be able to monitor the interaction of their prospects across various marketing platforms and could determine exactly which prospects needed closer attention from their sales team. However, the world is not so simple, unfortunately, which results in the sales team jumping on leads that are still quite cool or losing their prospects to their competition because they reached out too late.

The good news, there is small business marketing automation available to make life easier. A trend in marketing that is fairly new; this marketing automation integrates different marketing efforts effectively into one software platform. This type of automation performs a great deal of the repetitive and common marketing tasks like tracking website visits, sending emails, creating landing pages and lead capture forms, scheduling communications and tracking downloads.

Social Media Automation

The way businesses are promoted these days has been transformed through the onset of social media sites. Large corporations can now leverage social media to build their brand and generate leads and be rewarded by having their campaigns going viral immediately. Small business marketing automation through social media has never been more in demand than now. Just about everyone has a social profile nowadays and businesses are enjoying the benefits of this tool.

In fact, it has even been shown that the search rankings on search engines can now be influenced through social signals.

Some benefits of social media platforms include:

* Customers can use social media to determine the reputation and legitimacy of a business before making a purchase

* Social media improves branding which has search engine benefits

* A responsive and strong social media presence often increases customer retention

* Social media helps drive more traffic to businesses through word-of-mouth referrals

Small business marketing automation through social media helps to improve your marketing efforts through this channel by automating the process. This works by having your blog posts or social network posts re-posted to other sites and networks automatically. Your business receives more exposure through automation without the need to manually post your content individually to each network.

A few examples of social media tasks you can automate include:

* Share one blog post to several social media networks automatically

* Keep feeds looking alive with scheduled posts

* Find content that is strong and industry-specific which will keep your audience captivated without having to create it yourself

You can attract new customers, put your social marketing on autopilot and get repeat business effortlessly through small business marketing automation. When using it through social media, you can increase referrals, promote your services and build relationships with customers and at the same time, watch your posts and social campaigns go viral.