Automatic review requests

Online peer to peer reviews is a very powerful way to enhance your marketing. It gives your prospects a good idea of what kind of products you have or services you perform.  With review marketing small-business owner like you, can tout your services by having your prospects tell everyone how great you really are!



Want to know the best way to get Automated Business Reviews? Simply ask. Your customers know how important reviews are to your business, and as long as you provide a great product or service, they will not be annoyed if you ask for a review. Don’t wait: customers are more likely to give you feedback right after you complete the job.

  • Buzz360 automatically emails the request for a review to the customer.
  • You decide who to invite to leave a review and you can reply and comment to any review that was left.
  • Your customer will receive an email with an easy to follow link and simple review form to complete.

Buzz360 does not allow uninvited reviews.  Only verified customers can post.


Buzz360™ is a small business automated review  platform that enables you to sell more and become more profitable. It enables a website and profile to attract new customers, automates email marketing to get repeat business, automatically posts to Facebook, generates social referral and reviews from existing customers. It creates and automatically updates a mobile sales tool. See how Buzz360 helped Ryan’s business.

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