Buzz360 Sales Partner Programs

The Buzz360 affiliate program is as simple and powerful as our small business marketing software. If you work with small business and have a lot of contact with them through your website, email correspondence, etc., direct them to “your” Buzz360 landing page on our website. We take it from there and send you commission every time one of your contacts turns into a customer.

Conditions: Complete application and place ads

A Referral Partner is typically a marketing agency, a web developer, or a small business consultant who understands the value of Automated Marketing for the Small Business (the Fortune 5,000,000). You evaluate your customer’s needs and recommend the Buzz360 product when and where it is a good fit for the customer. We support your effort with strategic training, collateral for your target market, demos, and industry research. You market and promote, we close the deal. You get commission for each prospect you bring to us who turns into a customer.

Conditions to join: Complete registration
Conditions: 10 referral customers per year is our goal.

As a Reseller you create a recurring revenue channel. You also will be able to expand your existing customer base by marketing and selling Buzz360 products to small business customers. You can buy the product subscription at substantial discounts and are authorized to resell them. Buzz360 supports your efforts by providing you with:

• Product and sales training
• Industry insights
• White labeled marketing materials and marketing tips
• Dedicated Buzz360 partner manager
• Free Buzz360 community website to host SMB profiles
• Free initial Buzz360 community website installation and basic design
• Free Buzz360 site for training and demo purposes
• Full tech support
• Listing as Reseller partner on the Buzz360 Website
• Super generous ongoing reseller margin
• Volume discounts

Conditions to join: Complete registration
Conditions: Together, we set a monthly sales goal.

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