Marketing Automation Does NOT Mean Set It and Forget It

Jul 05, 2016


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Automating certain marketing processes can be confusing…Does it mean technology can automate every single step to online marketing? I’m afraid not!

I have worked in the technology industry for almost 10 years and have come to one realization: A tool never fully takes over and that’s what Marketing automation is…a tool. It supports your business and makes achieving your goals all that more possible. The more flexible the tool, the more capable you will be to manage your business effectively and that especially goes for all those marketing processes.

Technology has advanced to a crucial point that can benefit small businesses immediately. Marketing no longer simply consists of putting up a billboard or having a website. You need have an updated and intuitive website that interacts with social media, offer up educational tidbits to inform your prospects and customers, and deliver relevant and timely information via email.

That’s a lot to keep up with if you’re a one man/woman shop! Setting and forgetting the automation you set up is the worst thing you can do. People do business with people and if you don’t take the time to make your messages your own or personally make a follow-up call, you lose out on potential business. Although marketing automation involves technology to a point, there are certain ways to still make your mark while benefitting from automated processes:

  1. Database Scrub: Make sure you know who you’re talking to. Taking a closer look at your database and doing the needed research to clean up that list of contacts can set you up for success. Because only then can you ensure your messages will be on point.
  2. Make it Personal and Relevant: Even if you have an automated email going out to prospects so that you stay top of mind, check in every two weeks to tailor a few messages or offer up applicable discounts or benefits. It only takes a few of the same message for prospects to get the hint that you’re not directly involved in sending those emails and you could risk losing their full attention.
  3. Go the Extra Mile: Tools and technology are great for setting up social media posts in advance or tracking which contacts are engaging with you online, but they can’t beat you making that extra effort and calling the prospects that are very interested in the products and/or services you offer. Technology gives you the information that eliminates cold calling. Instead, you’re calling people that know who you are already, just don’t forget to smile and dial!

Marketing automation has come a long way in recent years and small businesses can really benefit from its functionality. Just remember that you still need to get involved. Your business needs you and the expertise you bring. Marketing automation is a bonus.