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Sep 18, 2015

8-seo-stats-04Small business owners know that grabbing their share of the search engine pie can result in big bucks and an major influx of customers. It’s there for the taking, if you can navigate the complex world of internet search engines. New technology requires a new set of skills, and those skills will help catapult your business to the net level. Today’s tech savvy customers are using the internet to make purchases, research products, and even leave reviews and complaints. The tips below are going to help bring new customers to your website and products.

Customers who are able to easily find you on the Internet are more likely to make purchases and become repeat customers, and who doesn’t want more customers? Organic growth, quite frankly, isn’t fast. It does not happen overnight, and can be frustrating if you’re not seeing the results you expect. However, organic growth is best because it’s both long-term and free.

One sure fire way to grow your organic web searches is to have a continuous flow of content on your website. Small business websites that sit with the same content are less likely to be found by search engines because the content never changes, never updates, and becomes stagnant. Take the time to organize your content, and then make an effort to keep it fresh by rewriting and updating regularly.


Keep your content, including keywords, relevant to your small business! Organic search results work for customers when they are highly relevant to the search terms used. Google has stated many times that users are more likely to click organic search results, when compared to ads, but customers are not going to find your results if you content and keywords do not match up with the products or services you are currently offering.

Is your content mobile friendly? Users are searching from a variety of different devise, from IPAD’s to KINDLE FIRE consumers are using mobile platforms to compare prices, search for the best deals, and even research products as they are shopping. Many search engines optimize their results to tailor results from mobile friendly websites. If your small business website has no mobile presence, is bulking, lags or errors while loading, your organic traffic is going to come to a screeching halt! It’s become relatively easy to make websites mobile friendly, so don’t pass up on an opportunity to reach your target audience as they search on the go.

There are also tools out there, like SEMRush, to study top keyword reports. This is essentially reverse engineering your competitor’s strategies and getting a detailed report on which organic traffic terms are at the top. Use this information to find low volume, but still relevant to your small business terms, which will drive organic search results to your business.

Social-Connections-ill10-comp-1024x839-300x245If you already have loyal customers, use them! Word of mouth advertising is a wonderful thing, and small businesses can really increase the volume of your organic search results when long-term customers share your brand, products, or services with people in their own social circle.

Another great option for increasing organic search results is using long tail keywords. What are long tail keywords? In essence, they are long and specific keyword phrases. These phrases are ones that search engine users are more likely to use when they are extremely close to making a purchase. For example: searching for “dish ware” is going to send thousands, if not millions, of search results at users, but using a long tail keyword phrase like “Corelle Dinnerware set” will result in fewer links to competing websites and drive organic traffic exactly where you want it to go. Long tail keywords might draw less traffic, but it’s going to draw a better kind of traffic to your site, traffic that will convert to sales.

Small business owners have to work hard to maximize the results from organic searches, but it’s not really as difficult as it seems. SEO Content marketing helps by having a continuous flow of content that can easily be found via search engines. User tools and analytical data can help small business owners get an inside view of how big corporations target search engines, and mobile friendly websites can attract customers who are actively looking to make purchases. Take the time to invest in a few different ways to increase your organic web searches and customers will be able to find you easily, which of course converts to higher volume and sales.

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