10 Marketing Tools for Home-Based Businesses

Mar 29, 2016


Get Your Word Out

Most home-based business owners do not see the need to market their small business. They think marketing is an avoidable expense. However, nothing could be further from the truth and setting aside a budget for marketing the business will boost sales significantly. Here are 10 marketing ideas that they should consider applying for their home-based businesses:

1. A good business website – In this era, most people turn to the internet for research before purchasing their products or services. As a business owner, create an easy-to-use and attractive website to catch their attention. By doing so, you’ll create a customer base, which will grow progressively. Update your website regularly and provide your contact information. If you want to attract more traffic to your website, don’t hesitate to blog about your products. People love reading articles, and they’ll definitely use them to make purchasing decisions.

2. localLocal search – Local search sites such as Google Maps , Yahoo Local and Local Buzz360 are essential for advertising your small business among local customers. Ensure that your business is enlisted on these sites. With SEO-rich content, your business will appear on top of the search results; hence, there is likelihood that most customers will find your business website.

3. Social media – Take advantage of social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. These social sites have a large group of followers that you can convert to your customers. You just have to choose which sites are suitable for your business.

4. Case studies – If you thought case studies are only used for scientific applications, you’re mistaken. Create case studies showing how your products or services are used, and their benefits to the users. Prospective customers will learn a lot from the case studies and make informed purchasing decisions.

5. E-newsletters – Furnish your customers with information that interests them through monthly e-newsletters. Prospective customers can sign up to receive this information. As time goes, they’ll consider buying your products. Make use of services from companies like Buzz360 to develop, manage and send the e-newsletters.

Successful businesswoman with an e-business working from an office at home telemarketing and taking orders over the phone or consulting with clients, high angle view

6. Blogging – Don’t hesitate to create a blog about your home-based business. Make sure you regularly upload content regarding useful information related to your products. You can use simple web-based publishing tools such as Blogger to create a blog. Customers will gradually gain confidence and trust in your industry expertise, which is significant for the growth of a customer base.

7. Publicity – Strategize how you’ll be mentioned in the media without having to pay for advertisements. Engage in charity works and ensure that you’re included in press releases. Get the media to include information about your products in their press reports. Being mentioned in press releases sends out a positive message to the audience that your products are reliable.

8. Affiliate programs – Through affiliate programs, you can save a lot of cost and still reach a wide range of prospective customers. You don’t have to manage employees, but you’ll be entitled to the advantages of a commission- based sales force.

9. Referrals – Referrals are a good way of attracting new customers at no cost. All you have to do is provide excellent and satisfactory service to your customers. You can then ask them to refer your products to their friends and relatives.

10. Public speaking – Look for opportunities in trade association functions, local organizations or any other gathering with a majority of your customers. Deliver well-prepared talks related to your products or services. Through this, you will reach an audience that will base their decisions on buying your products from your talks.

Make use of these marketing tips momentously. Some of them require low or no costs, but impart huge significance to your customers. Don’t just ignore the power of marketing on your home-based business anymore.