Going Beyond Local Business Listings

Dec 11, 2013

If using local business listings is not enough to get you the leverage you want, consider marketing beyond your local area for higher profitability.

The most important thing your small or medium-sized business can do is to get repeat customers, while having a wider appeal to a larger client base. How do you effectively do that? Media and more media!
The key to effective marketing is combining a global approach with local business listings to increase potential profits. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning this strategy so you can start seeing real results for yourself, and your customers.

1) The power of social media- If you are not yet utilizing the true power of social media, now is a good time to start. There are millions of users on Face Book daily. You can’t afford to not be there too. Put yourself and your clients on the stage where millions of people travel daily by using Face Book’s marketing strategies to benefit small business.

2) Email Marketing- Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of getting immediate interest generated in your clients’ business and website. Through clickable links enclosed in the emails, customers may act immediately upon receiving the message, so that the result may be fairly fast. Done effectively and with integrity, customers will start to see the difference in your email campaigns and the spammy ones they usually receive from others.

3) Customer Feedback- It is crucial to find out how your client’s company is doing in opinion polls with their customers. You can provide this for them by utilizing proven, valid methods of gaining honest customer feedback through surveys and other means. When you involve customers in the process, they tend to respond with repeat business and respect for your brand.

4) Focus on mobility- In today’s mobile sales world, it is also important to cater to the mobile shopper. So make sure your business is mobile ready.

5) Bringing it all together- Once you have everything in place, you should focus on bringing all of these components together into one viable marketing plan that focuses on all the important aspects in one platform.
Now small businesses can compete more than ever before with the larger corporations, by simply being there on some of the same platforms and utilizing the same technology solutions to best maximize their return.
Finding the best solution for streamlining your marketing strategies is not easy. Every day you are bombarded with ads from marketing companies who say they can help. Take the guesswork out of the process by having one company do it all in one solution.