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quotes copyThank you for the introduction to this wonderful marketing system. I am excited about how easy it is to use and what we have gained! It helps me leverage my customers reviews, email marketing, Facebook posts and recommendations. The mobile first design lets me manage everything from my phone. The dashboard is my command center for generation referrals, opportunities and tracking.
Ron Hampton


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Land quality referrals from customers through social networks…the new “word of mouth.” Harness the power of customers’ good word like never before on their social networks. Learn More


Referral Marketing

Automatic Posting: Why tell one friend, when you can tell hundreds? Not only can customers share experiences through your social media networks, but Buzz360 instantly and automatically showcases your work, posts your blogs, events and posts specials on your Facebook page. Learn More


Satisfied customers are your greatest marketing resource, but it’s not easy to tap into it. Buzz360 makes the requests automatically. Use the reviews to show current prospects what customers are saying. Easier to refer, easier to hire. Learn More


Email Markting

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Effortless stay-in-touch e-mails turn a prospect into a customer, and a customer into a repeat and referral customer. Buzz360™ solves the typical problems of follow-up communications:

  • Writer’s Block? Choose from our professionally written emails or write your own.
  • Don’t Have Time? The messages are generated and sent automatically for you.
  • Not Consistent? Emails are timed throughout the year based on pre-determined dates.
  • Forget to stay in touch? Choose your email once and the rest is automatic.

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Every consumer will need a service at some point. When the time comes, be top of mind. An online profile can generate business in a way traditional marketing efforts can’t match. The social contacts of current customers can easily become your future customers.  Learn More




Keeping your contacts organized is critical to your bottom line, but when they are spread across multiple apps you lose both time and a complete view customers and prospects.  Managing your contacts allows you to target your customers and prospects in a meaningful way, strengthen your marketing, and motivates more customers and prospects to take action.

Automatically turn your profile into your website with your web address! No designer, no fuss-just a Buzz360 profile. Use your Google analytics code to tracks success.  Learn More



Google and Bing

In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever for you to be found by customers and search engines. SEO helps Google and Bing figure out what each page is all about, and how it may be useful for potential customers.
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