Facebook Live Breathes New Life Into Small Business Marketing

Aug 08, 2016


Even if you’ve tried to fight it, Facebook is where people are. It’s the perfect place to focus your small-business marketing efforts, but it’s also where you’ll be competing with a prospect’s or customer’s friends, family, as well as with other businesses like your own.

Facebook Live is a new feature on Facebook that was released in April of 2016 that allows users to produce real-time interactive broadcasts, called live streams. This feature can be used by small businesses to set yourselves apart from the rest and increase engagement with your prospects and customers. Here’s how to get started…

To create a Facebook Live broadcast, download the Facebook mobile app and open it on your mobile phone (make sure you’re on your business account). Next, click “Status” on the top left of your screen, and tap the “Facebook Live” icon in order to get to the “Live” screen. Write a brief description of your live broadcast, decide who you want to share this video with, and hit “Go Live” to start live streaming your broadcast. This feature live streams your broadcast video, but it also saves the file to your Facebook page after you’ve completed the live stream so people can like, comment, and share it after the fact.

Easy as pie, right? Well, before you hit record, here are some tips for a success broadcast!

  • Give notice to your fans that you’re going live
  • Write a kickass headline to encourage viewers to pop in
  • Connect to WiFi
  • Open your camera to check lighting and positioning
  • Use a tripod or selfie stick for stability

You will want to think and strategize about what content you want to share to really engage the audience you already have on Facebook. Here are some ideas to start out with and as you get more comfortable, the sky is the limit!

  • Hold a Q&A session about your business to answer questions directly from your customers
  • Broadcast and promote an event on Facebook Live
  • Host a Facebook Live educational and informative webinar
  • Do product demonstrations or tutorials
  • Broadcast a behind the scenes view of your business
  • Walk through your business and introduce viewers to your team

During your broadcast

  • Introduce yourself & establish credibility
  • Ask viewers to subscriber to receive notifications for your next Live sessions
  • Answer questions – state the question and then answer it
  • Broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more people

Once you’ve posted a Facebook Live video, you can make edits to the file. This is a great opportunity to add a catchy header or an enticing call to action at the end to improve more interactions as it sits on your Facebook page. Remember to share and engage! Post to all your social platforms and replay to questions.

Not many small businesses have leveraged this new feature on Facebook, so now is the time to get ahead of your competitors and breathe new life into your social media marketing with Facebook Live.


By Bethany Foyt