8 Reasons to Stay in Touch with Existing Customers

Jun 20, 2015

Stay in Touch words written on a formal note, letter or message in envelope asking you to keep updated and in communication

As a small business, we don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done.   So we have to place priorities or buy tools to help us complete all our tasks.  One we should always keep high on our list is staying in touch with our customers.  Here are some reasons why:

  1. About 20% of your customers will make upwards of 75 – 80% of your sales!  So often, small businesses are spending more time, money and effort to acquire the new customer when the goldmine is often in the existing customer database. It’s the satisfied customer that will come back and tell their friends to do the same.
  2. People do business with those people that they have built Trust with. If your front line people are giving the very best service and taking the time to earn their customers’ business, it will show and people will trust them to do more. Look at your frontline people. Are they encouraged and patted on the back when    they go the extra mile, follow up on any issues, listen to complaints and try to resolve things, and get answers to customers’ questions?
  3. People like the personal touch. They respond to nurturing vs. neglect. Checking up on new customers and their purchase experience after some time, sending a personal email of thanks, these are touches that do not go unnoticed. They result is customers that come back.
  4. People need to have several types of contacts to keep your name and your business in the forefront of their mind. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of competition for everyone’s dollars. With the World Wide Web in almost every home in America, you need to be sure you are getting your name everywhere. Take advantage of social networks and use re-marketing tactics. Offer deals on social media and make sure you are blogging and having a constant presence on the net. After all, it’s free marketing!!
  5. People need and want to know what’s new – send emails to existing customers to make them aware of sales, new products, etc. They aren’t going to pursue you unless you give them reasons to do so! Send customer satisfaction surveys and offer a gift for the feedback. That can be invaluable information to your marketing personnel.
  6. People like Easy. The more channels you give customers to find you, place orders, get privileged discounts or resolve problems, the better customer satisfaction and “likes” you will receive and that generates into word of mouth business which is the best kind!! Be sure to give customer service phone numbers, websites, social media links and addresses on all correspondence or advertising, your website and any emails you send.
  7. You may generate a small percentage of new customers every day, but every day you can multiply your business with existing customer’s subsequent purchases!!
  8. Happy Customers will be back!! Despite the occasional problem or return, if you become an expert at handling your customer’s issues, you will undoubtedly grow your “happy customer data base” resulting in a growing business!!!