Creating a dynamic business profile

As a small business you want to dominate local search. By using a dynamic business profile with Buzz360, along with a small business website you will optimize your online presence for those local searches should be a top priority for you

It seems easy to get listed in local directories but it’s not always easy to complete the entries in local directories to get the most benefit from them. When consumers search for a local listing, they want to see certain pieces of information.

  • Buzz360 provides a robust, dynamic profile to help you be found in local searches.
  • The Buzz360 profiles and directories are all geo targeted. You determine your service radius to be more attractive to those prospects that are most important to you.
  • Enter your business information, upload your logo and an image of what you do.
  • Don’t forget to add your social networks, credentials and website link.
  • If you want to sell a service or a product, no problem. Add a Shopify checkout or an aStore checkout.

Local search can be tricky, Buzz360 gives you a hand.

Your Business Profile page is the central location for prospects to read your customer reviews, learn what your business can do for them and see your special offers. You can include images, videos, social media links, and professional credentials and if you want, you can sell a service or product on your profile.

We all know how important it is to be found by the prospects that are not only looking for your service but it is equally important to be found by prospects looking in your local area. Buzz360 helps you with local SEO.

Every business that signs up with Buzz360 gets a robust Business Profile.
Dynamic Small Business Profiles


Buzz360™ is a small business automated website  platform that enables you to sell more and become more profitable. It enables a website and profile to attract new customers, automates email marketing to get repeat business, automatically posts to Facebook, generates social referral and reviews from existing customers. It creates and automatically updates a mobile sales tool. See how Buzz360 helped Ryan’s business.

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