7 Benefits of Retargeting

Sep 26, 2015

The Vision vs. Reality

We’d all like to think that internet commerce should be a straightforward affair.  A visitor clicks onto your website, reads the stunning content about your offering, and immediately decides to open up his wallet to foist money at you.  He comes back again and again out of loyalty to your quality service.

Unfortunately, that’s rarely how things work.  Most studies say that anywhere from 95-99% of your web traffic actually clicks away before ever completing a transaction or signing up for your mailing list.  Even the most engaging of content with a clear call to action is subject to what’s called the Effective Frequency principle — a visitor needs to see your brand up to seven times in order to both retain your message and make a buying decision.

One useful method for getting through the Effective Frequency issue is retargeting.

What does that mean, exactly?

3_step_retargeting copyRetargeting is implemented with cookies.  A visitor comes to your site, a cookie is given to his browser, and that cookie is used to deliver your ads on other sites he visits.  This lets you essentially follow him around the internet, serving up your message wherever he goes.  Because this repeats your brand in his mind and associates it with sites he likes and uses, it results in more trust, and more open wallets.  As much as 50 – 60% more likely to buy, in fact.  It’s a huge potential increase with only a little extra effort.


Retargeting has other benefits, too.  Here are seven.

1. No more fumbling for keywords.
No more mind-reading.  You don’t have to speculate what kinds of things people are searching for to find services like yours, or what your ideal customer may be doing online when he’s not on your site.  He’ll tell you, just by landing on your page and heading off to do whatever he likes.  By being able to track that behavior, you can find out in great detail what your target demographic likes to do, where they like to go, and use that to reach him.

2.  Serving up the right ads to the right people at the right time.
If your business has multiple products that appeal to different demographics, you can use retargeting to make sure that the right person sees the ad most closely tailored to his needs.  Separate ads for genders, for example, or an ad with children in it for new parents vs. an ad with dogs for animal-lovers.  People are more likely to click on an ad that they identify with, so you’ve a golden opportunity here to mirror his interests.

3.  Generating more leads.
Retargeting is also effective for lead generation.  Tailor ads to funnel traffic to your list signup, offering information based on the type of sites the user visits.  If you’re a plumber, you may have customers looking for restoration work and customers looking for emergency work.  Have your ad link each to a specific landing page with information for that specific type of knowledge, and a sign up for your list.

4.  Reengaging lost shopping carts.
If you’ve got multiple products, you probably also have quite a few abandons, where visitors have been interrupted or distracted, leaving your site behind.  Retarget those customers with a coupon or other incentive.  Show images of one of the items left behind as a reminder.  You can even link to a content page that more fully explains the benefit of an abandoned product.  No matter what you choose to do, you’re getting those choices that visitor already made back in the forefront of his mind.

5. Making the marketing budget go further.
According to several studies, a retargeted ad is up to 400% more likely to be clicked than a non-retargeted ad.  In this age of rampant “ad blindness”, this extra efficacy helps your bottom line.

6. Fostering relationships with your current customers, too.
Retargeting is very good for pulling in new customers, but an added benefit is that it works on your existing customer base, as well.  It keeps your name front and center in their minds, and reminds them to check for new products or updated services.  It reinforces your brand, almost effortlessly.

7.  Decimating your competition.
Let’s face it.  In this world of information overload, it’s often he who has the best brand awareness who “wins”.  By specifically targeting previous visitors with specific information that’s tailored to his needs and interests, you win at branding.  You reinforce your brand over and over until your business is what he thinks of when he thinks of your product or service.  You gain a competitive edge with every ad that’s clicked, and that’s priceless.

Retargeting is easy, effective, and cheaper than you’d think.  It’s loaded with benefits for your business, your brand, and your bottom line.
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