5 Ways Excellent Content Can Add to Your Bottom Line

Feb 14, 2017

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Consistently generating content that is “new, fresh, and presented in a professional way” and posting it to your blog or website—or distributing it via your email list—can enhance your company revenues in significant ways.

Today’s digital marketers build an audience—while learning as much as they can about them—drive traffic to their sites, boost conversion rates, and increase order values with effective use of content.

Effective content helps develop empathy, familiarity, and trust in your prospects. This in turn can increase return customers.

Content helps you grow your customer base (and learn more about them)

Generating fresh and informative content consistently helps grow your potential customer base. You gain adherents to your cause by interesting them in what you have to say, what you know about their problems and issues, and how your solution works. You also convince them you are the authorities in their field, that you really know what you’re talking about, and that you can be trusted to fix the problem you say you’re going to fix.

In the process of growing your customer base through the effective use of content, you’re also getting to know more about them—just as they are getting to know more about you. You do this by monitoring what they take interest in, click on, and buy. Sometimes you get direct feedback from them or responses to your online surveys.

This content marketing effort, properly done, pays off in increased sales at less cost to you. [Search Engine Watch]

Drive more customers to your site

An effective content marketing program drives more traffic to your site, but not just any traffic. If you’ve done it right those who click through to your site are the ones more likely to become customers by buying what you have to sell.

Your content herds a portion of the internet users out there to your virtual storefront where you have an opportunity to present your solution to their problem. Because you’ve designed your content marketing strategy in such a way as to attract those who should have an interest in what you have to offer, you’ve already enhance your chance of sales success.

Text Content is King with underline on the notebook with a pencil aside.

Content marketing can help you increase order value

Once your customer has swiped a credit card, you have the opportunity to get him to spend more per purchase. You might want to cross-sell related products that supplement or complement the main item being considered. Or your could upsell to a more premium model, or add features to the model chosen.

Content marketing can increase your order values by prepping the customer about purchasing options, making him aware of ways to enhance the value of the solution you offer in advance. The fresh and informative content you’re always generating can best explain what you offer and in what range of features. You also describe products that might add benefit, even if they come from a different provider.

Get more repeat customers with content

Creating multiple purchases from the same customer can result from working your content marketing effectively. Marketing is more than just about leading your prospect to the buying stage; it’s also about keeping customers engaged so you can generate repeat sales. Getting your existing customers to come back and buy from you again and again should be your aim.

And with content marketing you’ll be constantly nurturing your customers, keeping up on their changing needs—while informing them of your changing product spectrum. If yours is like most businesses, you’re unlikely to survive on just one product or service forever. With your customer base growing from content marketing, and your learning more about them and their needs in the process, you should be farther along in your efforts to create multiple offerings that could be right up their alley. [Convert With Content]

Effective content gets prospects to trust you

Done right, the entire process of content marketing helps build trust in you and your solution. As your prospects come to know you better, through your constantly addressing their needs with what you have to offer, they should come to like you better. We tend to like those who see the issues we’re facing and are trying to resolve them directly.

BONUS: Content marketing decreases your cost of sales

Content marketing especially grows your bottom line to the extent that it increases revenues while also trimming costs. Experts say using inbound marketing can save more than ten percent on your cost per lead, while delivering a 50+% jump in leads going into your marketing funnel. Moreover, companies relying on inbound marketing save over $10 dollars for every new customer they acquire. [Kapost]

Every new customer that comes to you through your content efforts, and every dollar that effort saves, bumps your bottom line up that much more.

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